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Web Page Layouts by Yuva Designs

Web page layout of your web pages determines the look and feel of your website. Website design is not a one time activity. Almost all websites alter their web page layouts to give it a new, creative and better look. Also with advancement in technology, underlying code also changes accordingly, adding new possibilities of providing a better web page layout.

Website resolution is also a major factor while designing a web page layout. The look and feel of your website will make or break how your visitors react to your site and the credibility of what you have to say.

A simple website layout is user friendly.
Always use fonts that are easily available on every system or use common web fonts.
The choice of colors may reflect one's personal taste.
One important aspect of layout is keeping track of dimensions of a web page.
Webpage size is defined by the total size of text, images and script files that is downloaded from the server to view a webpage.

Please contact us : info@yuvadesigns.co.in.

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